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    A quirky D.C. law will keep this gas station a gas station
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    (Drew Schenider/Petworth News)

    The Shell gas station at the intersection of Georgia Avenue, Upshur Street and Kansas Avenue has been the subject of recent media attention because of a moratorium on the sale of service stations in the District. A group of Petworth business owners sent a letter to the D.C. Council in support of redevelopment of the gas […]

    When the Land of Opportunity moved to Silver Spring
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    When the Land of Opportunity moved to Silver Spring

    Discovery Communications recently announced it will be closing the doors on its Maryland headquarters and leaving the state where it all began. The network launched in 1985. By the time I came on board 10 years later, it was still relatively small. In those days, most of the network revolved around the seventh floor of […]

    How to put a safe congressional seat in play
    Posted on Thursday January 11, 2018

    How to put a safe congressional seat in play

    Republicans in Virginia’s 6th Congressional District seem eager to do something that hasn’t happened in the Valley for a generation: Give Democrats a chance to win. House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte is not seeking reelection. Del. Ben Cline (R-Amherst), the presumed heir to the seat, declared his candidacy almost immediately. So have a slew […]

    Dark shadows hang over the Virginia House
    Posted on Wednesday January 10, 2018

    Dark shadows hang over the Virginia House

    Dark shadows hung over the Virginia General Assembly as it convened today. Until the very last minute, a House race from November is still under review. A a federal court ruled the Republican winner could take his seat, and the U.S. Fourth District Court of Appeals agreed. In that district, House District 28, scores of voters […]

    It’s time for Shelly Simonds to concede
    Posted on Tuesday January 09, 2018

    It's time for Shelly Simonds to concede

    Democrats: It’s over. Thrilling though the tangle of plot twists and surprises has been, it’s time the circus known as the 2017 race for the 94th District of Virginia’s House of Delegates came to a dignified end. Shelly Simonds should concede. A brief synopsis: On Nov. 8, Democrat Shelly Simonds appeared to lose the race, […]

    Dr. Northam’s RX: Compromise
    Posted on Friday January 05, 2018

    Dr. Northam's RX: Compromise

    David Yancey won the suspenseful drawing to become the 94th District delegate in the next General Assembly session, but the real winner was someone much higher in Virginia’s political pecking order. No, it wasn’t soon-to-be Speaker Kirk Cox. Nor was it Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment. Rather, it was the other big player in Capitol Square: […]

    It’s an invalid ballot — period
    Posted on Tuesday January 02, 2018

    It's an invalid ballot -- period

    A very simple principle guides the determination of popular vote-based elections in the United States: The outcome is based on a counting of clear and valid ballots. We make no assumptions. If a ballot is unclear – if there is any doubt at all as to the voter’s intentions – it is thrown out. Trying […]

    D.C.’s Fair Elections Act would give more power to the powerful
    Posted on Friday December 29, 2017

    D.C.'s Fair Elections Act would give more power to the powerful

    The D.C. public trough is about to have another mouth to feed: politicians. The so-called Fair Elections Act of 2017, a measure that would provide a five-to-one tax financing match to small-dollar donations to D.C. candidates, cleared committee this month. The sponsor markets the proposal as “giving more people a bigger voice.” That’s nonsense. The […]

    Northam’s incentive to pull a Gilmore
    Posted on Wednesday December 20, 2017

    Northam’s incentive to pull a Gilmore

    Virginia Democrats are giddy. And a bit put out. Fresh off their second consecutive sweep of the state’s top three state offices, they could also secure a 50-50 split with Republicans in the House of Delegates … if random chance in the 94th district race breaks a tie in their favor. Now, surely, the great […]

    When all else fails, blame the media
    Posted on Thursday December 14, 2017

    When all else fails, blame the media

    Virginia’s Republicans again have shown that they remember everything but learn nothing. A week ago in this space, I wrote that we would know after their annual meeting whether Virginia Republicans had the guts to admit they need to change their ways in order to keep pace with a changing Virginia. They have declined to […]



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