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    500 years later, scientists think they've solved germ mystery that nearly wiped out Mexican population
    Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

    In 1545, disaster struck Mexico’s Aztec nation when people started coming down with high fevers and headaches, bleeding from the eyes, mouth and nose. Death generally followed in three or four days.

    Queen learns where crown jewels were hidden during WWII
    Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

    A BBC documentary that aired over the weekend about Queen Elizabeth had all kinds of interesting royal nuggets, but one revelation in particular was news to the queen herself.

    Five-exoplanet system discovered thanks to citizen scientists
    Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

    A family of four planets orbiting a distant star was discovered last April, with the help of citizen scientists around the world.

    WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Brown snake devours tiger snake after a gruesome fight to the death
    Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

    WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: A gruesome video of two deadly snakes caught in a battle to the death outside a Victoria home is the definition of nightmare fuel.

    This out-of-this-world diamond-studded rock just got even weirder
    Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

    A tiny chunk of stone that looks like nothing else ever seen in the solar system might be even weirder than scientists thought.

    Eyes on the sky: When and where will China's rogue space station fall to Earth?
    Posted on Monday January 15, 2018

    Scientists across the globe are carefully monitoring China’s discarded Tiangong-1 space station, which will plunge into Earth’s atmosphere at some point in the coming months.

    'Rainbow' dinosaur discovery: Tiny dino had colorful feathers
    Posted on Monday January 15, 2018

    The fossilized remains of a tiny duck-sized dinosaur with rainbow feathers have been discovered.

    Thousands displaced as Philippine volcano erupts and lava flows
    Posted on Monday January 15, 2018

    LEGAZPI, Philippines (AP) — Nearly 15,000 people have fled from villages around the Philippines' most active volcano as lava flowed down its crater Monday in a gentle eruption that scientists warned could turn explosive.

    Lunar lava tubes may provide access to vast polar ice reservoirs on the moon
    Posted on Monday January 15, 2018

    New image analysis by researchers at SETI indicate that there may be subterranean lava tubes in the polar region of the moon leading to massive underground glaciers, which could provide fuel for a long-term lunar base.

    SpaceX dragon capsule returns to Earth after Space Station delivery
    Posted on Monday January 15, 2018

    A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship left the International Space Station and returned to Earth Saturday (Jan.



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