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    Toothpaste ingredient could fight malaria, research shows
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Research carried out in part by an artificially-intelligent (AI) 'robot scientist' has found that a common ingredient of toothpaste could be developed to fight drug-resistant strains of malaria. Scarlett Cvitanovich reports.

    Apple to pay $38 billion in U.S. taxes, open a new campus
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Thanks to the GOP tax bill, Apple will be able to bring back its treasure trove of cash parked overseas. That means a $38 billion check for uncle Sam, but also a new campus for Apple in the U.S.

    21 U.S. states sue to keep net neutrality
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    A group of 21 U.S. state attorneys general filed suit to challenge the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to do away with net neutrality on Tuesday while Democrats said they needed just one more vote in the Senate to repeal the FCC ruling.

    Bitcoin slumps below $10,000 on growing fears of regulation
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Bitcoin skidded a further 12 percent on Wednesday, marking an almost halving in value from its peak price, with investors spooked by fears regulators could clamp down on the volatile cryptocurrency that skyrocketed last year.

    Exclusive: Amazon to cut back on indie films: sources
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Amazon.com's movie studio plans to scale back its work on indie films as it puts resources into more lucrative commercial projects, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

    Your future self-driving car may still be far away
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    From Las Vegas to Detroit, tech startups and carmakers are showing off their autonomous vehicle technology. But it's still too pricey, making it hard to get consumers behind the wheel for now.

    Cyber security startups stumble despite hacking frenzy
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    These are not great days for cyber security companies looking to make stock market debuts as fortunes quickly get erased by an inability to keep up with hackers, competition from well-established players, and a change in the way large corporations buy cyber protection.

    Diagnosing heart disease with artificial intelligence
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    INTRO: Researchers at the University of Oxford are revolutionising the way we diagnose heart disease, using artificial intelligence, as Stuart McDill reports.

    Harnessing the power of algae for real green energy
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    Cambridge researchers say their new algae-powered fuel cell is cheaper than existing plant and algal models, self-repairing, self-replicating, biodegradable and much more sustainable, as David Doyle reports.

    Polish doctors use stem cells to repair damaged cartilage
    Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

    Polish doctors are using an experimental therapy to treat cartilage damage, using stem cells derived from human umbilical cords, as Matthew Stock reports.



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