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    Special Operations dogs set for new advanced tactical gear
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Dogs serving with the elite Army Rangers may soon have new Tactical Vests and more gear to wear on missions.

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter warned about new type of extremism as lawmakers grill them
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were warned about an insidious new form of online extremism on Capitol Hill as they sought to push back on the notion that they aren’t doing enough to rid their platforms of terrorists and hate-filled content.

    Pornhub usage spiked in Hawaii after false ballistic missile alert
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Pornhub reported the traffic on its website during the ballistic missile alert in Hawaii dropped but shot back up after the alarm was found to be false.

    Ancient 'Two Brothers' mummy mystery solved thanks to high-tech DNA test
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Experts at the University of Manchester in the U.K. have solved a 4,000-year-old mystery about a pair of mummies dubbed the 'Two Brothers.'

    Drone saves Australian teen swimmers in world's 1st rescue mission with unmanned aircraft
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    A drone came to two Australian teenage boys’ rescue on Thursday when they were caught in dangerous waves — the world’s first rescue by the aircraft that was caught on camera.

    Amazon’s new ‘$10-and-under’ collection comes with free shipping for all
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Amazon has launched a new section showcasing a large range of items for $10 and under. Whether you can find anything among the collection that you actually want to buy ... well, that's another question entirely.

    Apple supply workers describe noxious hazards, unsafe conditions at China factory
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Workers at a Chinese company that produces iPhone casings for Apple stand for up to 10 hours per day in over-heated spaces, handling noxious chemicals sometimes without proper protection.

    Is Twitter doing enough to crack down on porn links?
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Last year Twitter took steps to clamp down on tweets featuring non-consensual explicit sexual images and videos, but experts say that the platform still needs to tackle the issue of porn links.

    Apple's Tim Cook says next iOS update will allow users to disable battery throttling
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    The next update to iOS 11 will allow Apple users to disable the battery performance throttling on their device, a move that comes after the tech firm admitted in December that it intentionally slows down iPhones as they age to prevent issues with batteries.

    Nintendo's big announcement took everyone by surprise
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    This week, Nintendo left everyone guessing what it meant by a "new interactive experience" coming to Switch, but last night we finally got to see what it was, and it took everyone by surprise.



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