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    Amazon releases list of metro areas being considered for its second HQ
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Amazon.com has released a list of 20 regions in the United States and Canada that the online retail giant is considering as possible sites for its second headquarters. The list, released Thursday, includes major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta, as well as smaller communities including Pittsburgh, Raleigh and Nashville. The nation's capital […]

    Apple will let you choose between your phone’s speed and its battery life
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Apple chief executive Tim Cook said Wednesday that you'll soon be able to make the decision between your iPhone's performance and its battery life yourself, amid controversy over the company's decision to do it for you. Cook said in an interview with ABC News that an upcoming version of Apple's mobile iOS operating system will allow […]

    Harry Potter fans get first look at ‘Hogwarts Mystery’ mobile game
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Are you ready for your Hogwarts story? Learn spells, brew potions, and uncover so much more in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! #HogwartsMystery Register here: https://t.co/tKyKG7yvQJ pic.twitter.com/o18XW7JyJd — Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (@HogwartsMystery) January 18, 2018 On Thursday, fans of Harry Potter got their first glimpse of "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery," a new mobile game based […]

    With Democrats opposed, Trump’s NASA pick gets political
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Despite strong opposition from Democrats, the White House and congressional Republicans are pushing President Trump’s nominee for NASA administrator, who on Thursday again was approved by a Senate committee by a narrow, party-line vote. Last year, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a conservative Republican from Oklahoma, squeaked through committee, but his nomination was never brought to the Senate floor for a […]

    Apple pledges to spend $350 billion and bring 20,000 jobs to the U.S. within next five years
    Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

    Apple, the world’s most valuable company, said Wednesday that it will spend $350 billion on development and create 20,000 jobs in the United States in the next five years, outlining for the first time how it will invest in the U.S. economy following the new tax law passed late last year. Apple said it expects […]

    Google and Twitter face more questions in Washington over Russian interference
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    Twitter is planning to notify users who may have been exposed to Russian propaganda during the 2016 presidential election, the company's head of public policy told a Senate panel Wednesday. The initiative follows Facebook's move, announced last year, to create an online tool for people to learn whether they liked or followed Facebook and Instagram accounts […]

    Facebook opens probe into Russian involvement in Brexit
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    Responding to growing pressure in Europe, Facebook is opening a new probe into Russian interference in Britain’s 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union. A Facebook executive confirmed the existence of a formal investigation Wednesday in a letter to Damian Collins, a member of the British Parliament. Collins had previously complained that the social network had […]

    SpaceX, Boeing face delays and technical challenges as they work to restore human spaceflight for NASA
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    NASA’s bold experiment to rely on contractors to provide a taxi service for its astronauts to the International Space Station is running into troubles that could delay the first flights and leave the space agency without a way to get its astronauts to the orbiting laboratory. In prepared testimony submitted to a congressional hearing on […]

    A Google app that matches your face to artwork is wildly popular. It’s also raising privacy concerns.
    Posted on Wednesday January 17, 2018

    A Google app that matches people's selfies to famous works of art and encourages users to share the side-by-sides on social media leaped to the top spot on the iTunes App Store charts this weekend, ahead of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook's Messenger, but it has also drawn concerns from some that the privacy of the users […]

    More than 20 states are suing the FCC over its net neutrality decision
    Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

    Twenty-one states, the District of Columbia and several public interest groups filed the first major lawsuits Tuesday to block the repeal of the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, marking the start of a high-stakes legal battle over the future of the Internet. The FCC's rules had prohibited Internet providers from slowing down or blocking websites. […]



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